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Payment methods

Orders from can be paid for in different ways, both directly and indirectly. The difference is that with a direct payment the bags are sent immediately. With an indirect payment, the bags are sent only once the payment has been received.


What is PayPal?
Using PayPal you can pay with your own account as well as with your creditcard. You must have a payment account with PayPal to do so.

Advantages PayPal:

Bank transfer

The idea is simple: the buyer transfers money to the seller’s account.

As a buyer, what do I need to be able make a transfer?
A bank account and the ability to make transfers (electronically or manually). After placing your order, you will receive an email containing payment information within a few minutes. Once the payment has been received, your order will be produced and sent.

What does a payment transfer cost?
The costs of a payment transfer varies per bank, but in most cases can be made free of charge.

Credit card payment

The creditcard payment method is a payment option whereby the buyer gives permission for money to be debited from their account through the creditcard company. To perform such a transaction, verification of the cardholder must first take place. This verification is performed by Paymill on behalf of

As a buyer, what do I need to be able to pay with a creditcard?
Naturally, you need a valid creditcard.

What does a creditcard payment cost?
A creditcard payment carries no extra transaction costs.

How does Paymill handle your creditcard payment?
If you select this payment method from the Shingyo site, you will automatically go to the payments page of Paymill. Here you can enter your creditcard and verification numbers. Paymill verifies your creditcard, after which the amount will be debited through your creditcard company.



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