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Certificates and Approvals

GOTS certificate

Shingyo B.V. supplies GOTS certified cotton bags and carrier bags. When you order bags with this certificate, you can be sure that your cotton bags are made of organic cotton.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is an organization that stands for a worldwide standard for organic clothing and textiles.

GOTS ensures that the fabrics are made from natural and organic fibers. It certifies whether the cotton cultivation meets the criteria of organic farming.

In order to carry this quality mark, the entire chain (from harvesting the cotton, socially responsible production to packaging and distribution) must meet strict standards of this organization.

Textile fabrics that consist of at least 70% organic raw materials may carry this quality mark. The percentage of organic raw materials is stated (or must be stated) on the label of the product.

In order to be GOTS certified, the manufacturer must use environmentally friendly finishes and dyes, and the water used must be purified before it is used.

In addition to meeting certain production standards, social /labor conditions are also checked within cotton cultivation and when processing the fabric. This concerns matters such as the prohibition of child labor, minimum wages, and a safe working environment.

All our GOTS certified cotton bags and bags can be custom-made for you in any desired size and design. You can also have these bags printed with your own logo.

With a printed organic cotton bags you show that your company is socially responsible.