How to Use Customised Packaging to Create a Memorable Customer Experience

As a small business owner, you know how to provide good customer service: attention to detail, quick delivery and clear communication. But how much time and effort do you put into the visual side of packaging?

Although a significant part of the customer experience is determined by the product itself, buyer attitude towards your products and you as seller can be boosted by improving the unboxing experience. Using customised packaging can be a real boost to your business — premium packaging will make your brand seem more upscale and make customers more likely to share their product and experience online.

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Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos are a new trend on social media — bloggers and vloggers sharing photos and videos of parcel opening. Frequently these are luxury items, such as phones, beauty boxes and clothing packages. It’s obvious from these that it’s the little extras that make all the difference — personalised notes, free gifts and branded packaging and wrapping paper. Think about the theme of the product you are selling — if you are selling products for children, for example, would a cotton storage bag be a welcome inclusion? Or a large organza bag for a luxury gift?

Social Media

Social media itself is also obviously important — don’t forget to keep all of your accounts up to date. Building a good rapport with social media users can boost your recognition without you having to do much more than retweet a few posts by your buyers.

Keep an eye out for any issues your buyers are having — they will often take to the internet to share any frustration they have with their purchases. Respond to any of these quickly and, if possible, privately. Remember that a good interaction can turn an irritated customer into a repeat buyer.

Other Little Extras

Don’t forget to include a business card. Some sellers will send a handwritten note or letter; depending on the scale of your business this might be a nice touch. And don’t forget, customers who are given a discount code with their delivery will be encouraged to become repeat customers.

So remember: next time you reach for the plain brown cardboard boxes, is there a way you could make your parcel more memorable?

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