Selfie offer

Super cool that you want to make a selfie with your favorite product so you can win FREE personalised bags!

Below I will explain in more detail what you need to do:

Step 1:

Make a selfie with the product visible and make sure you’re visible! So don’t hide it behind sunglasses and a hat (otherwise it’s so mysterious, right?).

Here is an example of me …

3, 2, 1 ..










Step 2:

allright, picture is taken! On to Facebook …

Open this link:


Click on the text box so you can write a message and add your selfie to the message like this:


Write a short and nice message, finish with #shingyo and click on Share Now ?

Hoppaa… It’s now on our Facebook Page!

On to the last step …

Step 3:

Mail your photo to and put in the subject: My selfie for Free Personalised Bags! (the least difficult I think of all, haha).

And that’s it.


You are now enrolled in our monthly free personalisation of 300 bags (worth £ 195,00) lottery!

We will send you the £ 10 discount coupon within 24 hours.

PS. If you still have questions despite this explanation, please send the customer service a mail:

PPS. Despite the fact that it is mentioned in the mail, I would like to indicate again that we can use your  photo to enthuse others (as on our website:).

Good luck,