Wooden Gift Boxes

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Wholesale of wooden boxes Shingyo B.V.

You will most likely have the same requirements as us: high-quality products with a wide choice of materials and options. Here you will find all those luxurious and beautiful items that you want and expect with wooden packaging! A wide range of wooden boxes are available with a short delivery time. With us you will get a partner who can give your products added value and think along. In addition, we are always looking for new opportunities for your company and brands.

wooden boxes

For a number of years now, we have been one of those successful total suppliers in wholesale wooden packaging for companies. Thanks to a wealth of experience and craftsmanship in the field of gifts and wholesale packaging, we can deliver beautiful gifts and wholesale packaging together with you.

We are also able to supply many types of wooden boxes, for the liquor trade, catering industry, marketing, communication agencies, but also for larger companies and multinationals. We have a competitive delivery time for many of these custom packaging!

We work with an enthusiastic team of expert employees who are happy to think along about the finishes and about a beautiful presentation of your company and / or product (s). In short, we are your ideal partner in the packaging world for a nice total package. With us you will find the best quality wooden boxes at competitive prices, even when it comes to customization.

Wooden boxes live, feel and have a history

Shingyo delivers directly from the factory and is an importer of wooden boxes made from FSC wood.

We supply wooden boxes with lids from stock in a number of handy standard sizes or they are custom made from 200 pieces or more.

The wooden boxes can serve as gift packaging for both functional and promotional purposes for gifts, keepsakes and Christmas packages.