Five Creative Ways of Packaging Your Etsy Products You Hadn’t Thought of

Running an Etsy store? You might not know it, but packaging is extremely important when it comes to online retailing.

In a recent Dotcom Distribution survey, 61% of online shoppers said that premium packaging makes a brand seem more upscale and 40% said that branded packaging made them more likely to recommend a product to friends. As well as making the package seem more professional, reusable branded packaging guarantees that your brand name will stay with the buyer.

Custom-printed Jewellery Pouches

organza bags wholesale uk - custom printed jewellery pouchA simple way to package luxury products, such as jewellery, while still making sure that the product is branded, is to use custom-printed satin pouches. Buyers are more likely to keep the bag to store the jewellery in, making sure that the buyer sees your name every time they wear the item. 

Hand Print Your Own Wrapping Paper

Looking for a cheaper and less permanent branding method? Hand-print your own wrapping paper with home-made foam printing blocks and ink or acrylic paint. If you have the time, why not cut a branded printing block to make sure your name is clear to the buyer?

Printed Linen bags for a casual branded look

large organza drawstring bags - printed linen bagsFor a more casual branding experience, custom-printed linen pouches are a great way to ship and store products. Perfect for larger or more masculine items, these bags are more likely to be kept around the house for general use, subtly reminding buyers of your brand.

Origami Boxes

If you have time on your hands (and nimble fingers!) origami boxes are a very memorable way to ship your products. Only really suitable for small luxury items due to the length of time and skill they take to build, they are nonetheless very eye-catching!

Branded Organza Bags

small organza bags uk - branded organza bagsFor an effect similar to the satin bags, large organza bags are a great way to ship larger luxury products such as candles. Available in a wide range of colours, they are likely to be retained for storage and other use.

You could use several of the ideas above to package your store; package an origami jewellery box inside an organza bag, for example, or wrap a linen pouch in custom-printed paper. The important thing is making sure that the customer remembers you and is encouraged to buy from you again.

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