Recycled Grass Paper Bags with Twisted Cord | Low Co2 Impact | Various Sizes

No. of cartons12-45-9Over 10

:recycle: Made with Grass Fiber for lower CO2 impact

:regla:18x8x22cm, 26x12x35cm, 32x12x41cm
:paquete:200 pieces, 250 pieces, 300 pieces

Note: because the paper is recycled, the colour of the bags may vary!!

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Have you ever thought about how paper bags can have an ecological look? Then check out our brand new bags made of recycled grass paper. They are made from dried grass that has been cleaned, mechanically shredded, and pressed into grass pellets. What’s more, there are no chemicals involved, resulting in the grass paper we know and love.

It is a new green alternative in both senses of the word to conventional paper, using significantly fewer resources and being recyclable and compostable. Even though it is a little more expensive than wood pulp, our nature should be worth it, don’t you think?

And what’s more, no new trees were cut down for the production of these bags, which not only gives them a sustainable and eco-friendly feature but also makes them really durable to give away at a big event, to show how your company takes the environment into account and gives it the importance it deserves.

These recycled grass paper bags are perfect for a wide range of environmentally responsible businesses, such as clothing stores, health food stores, or even gift stores; it’s 90-100 grams of recycled paper grass and paper twisted handles, which gives them an everyday look, but at the same time shows that your business cares about the planet. But do you want to know the best part? They are recyclable like regular paper, as well as compostable!

These bags feature a twisted cord, making them both luxury paper gift bags and for more practical purposes such as for customers of deli and spice stores.

The grass fibers are clearly visible through the recycled pattern which emphasizes sustainability while giving a beautiful look.


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Can you print the Grass Paper Bags with our company logo?

We can help you print grass paper bags with your company logo.

How soon can you deliver these Grass Paper Bags?

Delivery time is approximately 1-2 working days from your order. If ordered before 16:00 in the afternoon, the product will be shipped the same day. For Belgium, the delivery time may take one day longer than for the Netherlands.

Why are these bags environmentally friendly?

First of all, no trees were cut down for these bags, which is required for the production of conventional paper. This is because we worked with recycled paper , which is made from reused paper.

In addition, the product contains about 30% real grass fibres, making the footprint and CO2 impact even lower than with recycled paper bags.

Finally, these bags are again suitable for recycling and partially compostable.

What material are these grass paper bags made of?

These paper bags are made of 30% real grass fibre and 70% recycled paper.

Are the bags sturdy and can they withstand water?

The grass paper bags are sturdy enough to carry luxury items, clothing, or gift items to your customers. The bags are splash-proof, so a small rain shower the bags can withstand.